What We Do

Human Resource Advisory and Project Support

Whether you’re a small business looking for HR advisory on an as-needed-basis, or a larger business looking for help with a special project – we can help.

Compensation is no longer enough to keep your top employees. Employees are most engaged when they feel connected to their workplace and feel that they can contribute at a high level. Clear accountabilities, and systems to support hiring, onboarding, development, evaluation and communication are critical to retaining your talent.

We believe in a customized approach and are pleased to work alongside your internal HR department or employees to share the workload. Book a discovery call today to chat about your project or challenge.

Talent Strategy and Recruitment

Employers in today’s world are met with a diverse set of challenges. Identifying, developing and retaining talent in more efficient and effective ways is a requirement – but this takes time, resources and expertise.

Moxy Recruit offers a unique approach to recruitment process outsourcing – where employers can customize their recruitment support based on available resources, timeline and budget.

Organizational Development and Strategy

Our approach aims to increase your business or organizations effectiveness, through the alignment of strategy, structure, people and processes.

Whether you’re making plans to restructure staff, changing compensation, rolling out a new project or change, or planning for the future – we can support the development of a strong foundation and help to make sure that your hard work (and money) results in an aligned business direction. Make sure that your most valuable (and most expensive) assets, are working to improve your business capability.

Board Governance

Are you a non-profit looking for support with board governance or operational support? Our governance expert works with Board members and Executive Directors on an individual or team basis to support successful onboarding, planning for the future and everything in between.

Many volunteer boards need support to clarify roles, responsibilities and structure or handle a difficult situation – if this is you, ask us how we can help!

Training & Workshops

Embracing diversity, inclusivity and respect goes a long way in developing a healthy workplace. Connect with us if you need to update your policies, programs or workplace practices to make sure you’re on track.

We can connect with you with training, workshops and other support resources. Whether you need e-learning, a virtual respectful workplace workshop, or facilitated on-site training, talk to us about how we can help.

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